• Safety

    Success starts with keeping all our employees safe

    Every accident is avoidable and every employee working at ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions – from the shop floor to the management - must hold that belief. This is at the heart of the supportive safety culture we must achieve at all operations.

    Our people must be well trained and empowered to speak up about safety risks and concerns. Our golden rules must be rigorously implemented and followed. And our leadership should be a frequent presence on the shop floor, demonstrating that safety is at the core of how we think and act, always. With a refusal to accept anything less, we know we can succeed.

  • Sustainability

    We want to be competitive and thrive in the world of tomorrow

    This means we must have a clear view of how the world is evolving, not only from an economic and market perspective, but also the social and environmental mega-trends that will shape our future.

    Every ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions branches work at their own way for sustainability. By planting trees, organising donation campaign for associations working to make our planet better. Also by implementing internal actions in favour of sustainable development.

  • Quality

    Quality is essential to our competitive edge

    We must seek to exceed expectations in terms processes and performance, combining our deep operational knowledge with keen commercial acumen and a desire to innovate and expand the potential of steel.

  • Leadership

    We built and maintained our leadership position through visionary thinking and a willingness to constantly challenge the status quo and be open to doing things differently

    It is that approach that enabled us to consistently rank number one with the most demanding of customers. Within the highly competitive, complex and changing world in which we operate today, this is more critical than ever. We are highly motivated by the opportunities this brings to re-define steel for a new generation - driving innovation, pursuing new business models, creating new partnerships, and embracing diversity.

    Slabs on the Continuous Casting Line. Gent, Belgium.